{ easter blessings }

I normally title my blog posts using the first name(s) of my subjects, but there were just too many to list for this great group, so I went a different route – hope they don’t mind! It’s always a pleasure to photograph friends, and this was no exception. Now that my parents are grandparents, I know firsthand how much they treasure pictures of their grandkids, so it made me extra happy that we were able to get all SEVEN of the Berlin’s beautiful grandchildren together this Easter-eve morning for a quick picture or two… or three… or fifty! Here is a sneak peek of our time together – they sure are a lovely bunch, both inside and out!



{ avery }

Such a lovely morning for such a delightful little girl! Avery was all smiles from the moment she got out of the car – clearly she’s been practicing her modeling moves in preparation for our session! I’m beginning to wonder if people think I screen my clients for only the cutest kids ever, but I promise I don’t. They really are all this adorable – not sure how I got so lucky! I loved Avery’s infectious personality and hopefully captured a bit of it in these images below. She made note of all the doggies that walked by and when another little baby was having her portraits done nearby, she was totally entranced – so sweet! She’ll make an excellent big sister!



{ lainey }

The last time you saw my friend Lainey in September, she had just been diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Well, I’m happy to report that she (and her lovely family) are kicking leukemia’s butt! She just had another round of chemo on Friday, so they took advantage of her “up” time this weekend before the chemo catches up with her little body for some family fun time. Compared to their trip to the Perot Museum yesterday, I’m guessing family photos were not quite as high on the fun meter, but they were good sports! And the promise of ice cream was on the table, so there was a sugary silver lining!

Lainey handles her diagnosis with the strength of someone much older and wiser than a 2 year old. (I sometimes have to remind myself that, yes, she’s just TWO.). I know I only see a fraction of her days through her Team Lainey page and that there are some really tough times that we don’t see – cancer isn’t pretty or nice. But my goodness, she puts on a brave front. Not only am I in awe of her, but of Kelly and Dave who smile and laugh and keep things as normal as possible for Lainey and Avery, despite their lives being turned completely upside down. They are truly an inspiration and I’m certain their positive spirits have played no small part in Lainey’s incredible progress. I suppose there is some real truth to the saying that you’re only given things you can handle. I’ll be the first to say they are handling it with grace and a pretty great sense of humor:)Hope you enjoy this peek into their lives – they are truly beautiful inside and out, hair or no hair!



Lezleigh - Absolutely beautiful, what a beautiful family. You truly captured the essence of a loving family having a wonderful day amongst hard days. What a blessing to witness such love!!