{ ayla, porter, & stratton }

After several rain delays, we finally got this session in on a very warm Sunday afternoon last week! I think it’s safe to say that Ayla, Porter and Stratton are the de facto faces of 77 Prints. If you’ve ever come to my Facebook page or spent any time on this blog, you’ve watched these kiddos go from babies to big kids in the blink of an eye! I lost count of how many times I’ve taken their pictures, but it never feels like work and it’s always an adventure. We’ve traversed rolling fields of bluebonnets down near Ennis, explored alleys in Bishop Arts, and posed in front of the colorful murals of Deep Ellum, but this time we stayed close to home. Although there were chickens towards the end of the session, so it wasn’t without a little excitement:)Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day!


{ hunter + cooper }

It is rare that I get to shoot in the evenings around this time of year since the late sunset doesn’t always work well with the bedtimes of little ones. But Hunter and Cooper hung with us until the very end, so I have to give them major props! It was hot, it was humid, and there were lots of bugs, but my goodness, aren’t they a gorgeous family?? You can’t even tell how much we were all sweating, they make it look so easy! And those bowties? So.cute. The boys also picked a few flowers for me, so I was pretty well smitten:)Thanks for ending my work week with such a fun session, guys! Hope you enjoy this sneak peek!



{ cooper & his sisters }

I’ve been photographing Avery and Harper for a few years now, and up until a little over a week ago, it was a girls’ world! While he’s still outnumbered, baby brother Cooper is bringing some blue to this cute crew! And he sure is loved by his girls – I think he makes the perfect addition to this sweet family! Here’s a quick peek at some of our fun from this morning:


{ bianca }

What a wonderful morning I had with these smiling faces! When I scouted this location last weekend, I was nervous about the lack of open shade, but loved the setting and knew it would be perfect no matter what. Luckily Mother Nature threw us a bone and gave us an overcast (but not too dark) day and it opened the entire place up for whatever we wanted to do. The delightful Bianca is celebrating her birthday today, so I let her lead the way as we explored this location. This art major was swooning over the sculpture, and we only saw a fraction of it – you can bet I’ll be coming back soon! Bianca won me over almost immediately when I found out she was attending a nearby coding camp – girls who code RULE! I have a feeling she’ll be able to teach me a thing or two… or three. I always forget to close my tags </NeedsARefresher>. The future is bright for you, Bianca! Thank you for spending your birthday with me, and I hope you enjoy this sneak peek! It was an absolute pleasure!


{ George }

This little guy – so much personality and charm packed into a tiny little redheaded package! I have so enjoyed photographing George and his parents over the last 3 years down in Oak Cliff. There are few more fantastic backdrops than the colorful and bustling sidewalks and alleys of the Bishop Arts neighborhood. Every year we find a new funky door or crazy painted wall – there’s much to love in this ever-changing patchwork of independently owned shops and eateries. On this day the area was full of holiday shoppers and other folks having their own family photos made as Thanksgiving quickly approached that week. But as is the case with Oak Cliff-dwellers, they happily made room for all of us, pausing just out of frame so we could get a shot. We even ran into one of George’s classmates who was having his own family photos taken that morning. They found the “good spot” first, so we went across the street for a few minutes and then traded up when they were done. Only, I didn’t realize they walked over to where we’d just come from and ended up in the background of a few of our photos… which meant that we were probably in theirs… ah, but we’re all family in the OC, right?!:)Hope you enjoy this sneak peek of our morning together!