{ lainey }

The last time you saw my friend Lainey in September, she had just been diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Well, I’m happy to report that she (and her lovely family) are kicking leukemia’s butt! She just had another round of chemo on Friday, so they took advantage of her “up” time this weekend before the chemo catches up with her little body for some family fun time. Compared to their trip to the Perot Museum yesterday, I’m guessing family photos were not quite as high on the fun meter, but they were good sports! And the promise of ice cream was on the table, so there was a sugary silver lining!

Lainey handles her diagnosis with the strength of someone much older and wiser than a 2 year old. (I sometimes have to remind myself that, yes, she’s just TWO.). I know I only see a fraction of her days through her Team Lainey page and that there are some really tough times that we don’t see – cancer isn’t pretty or nice. But my goodness, she puts on a brave front. Not only am I in awe of her, but of Kelly and Dave who smile and laugh and keep things as normal as possible for Lainey and Avery, despite their lives being turned completely upside down. They are truly an inspiration and I’m certain their positive spirits have played no small part in Lainey’s incredible progress. I suppose there is some real truth to the saying that you’re only given things you can handle. I’ll be the first to say they are handling it with grace and a pretty great sense of humor:)Hope you enjoy this peek into their lives – they are truly beautiful inside and out, hair or no hair!



Lezleigh - Absolutely beautiful, what a beautiful family. You truly captured the essence of a loving family having a wonderful day amongst hard days. What a blessing to witness such love!!

{ clara, 1 year }

Spring has finally sprung here in Dallas! It seems like overnight we’ve suddenly got lots of green trees and blooming flowers – thank you, Mother Nature! And yet… we woke up to a fuh-reezing 40 degree morning, despite the 70 degree forecast for the day. I’m sure you can look at the darling dresses below and see the problem – we would have had a few blonde popsicles on our hands! So we opted to wait until the afternoon when it warmed up to do our session. Definitely the right call. It was a gorgeous day and we were able to get some great photos of Miss Clara in all her squishy one year old glory! I have to tell you about that very special dress she’s wearing; would you believe it was worn by her Mama when SHE was one? You would never know it, because the dress looks like it was made yesterday. Just beautiful and so lovingly cared for over all these years. What a treasure to pass down to her girls! Hope you enjoy this sneak peek of our afternoon – it has been an absolute pleasure to document Clara’s first year, along with big sisters, Eloise and Josephine. And I’m not just saying that because the girls brought me homemade cookies (which were amazing, yes, I ate them ALL):)



{ reece + wells }

What a great morning I had with this sweet family! Josh and Kyle’s home gets the most beautiful soft light through the upstairs windows, but with this weekend’s unseasonably warm temps we were actually able to go outside for part of this session. You never know what to expect in these early months of the year, but I will not complain if it stays like this until the bluebonnets appear in the Spring!

Since Wells was born in December, I knew we were past the sleepy newborn stage where I could pose him, so Mom and Dad took turns holding him so I could capture a few shots of his sweet face – how about those gorgeous blue eyes! I can tell he’s going to be on the move in no time, so it was good to catch him in this window before he’s mobile! Reece was having a great time playing, so I just let her do her own thing and tried to capture a day in her life. Twirling in tutus, jumping in the front yard, kissing on baby brother; you know, standard 2 year old stuff:)¬†Thanks for letting me hang out and capture your Sunday morning – hope you guys enjoy this sneak peek!