{ claire + cole }

So excited to share this adorable sneak peek with you – I think I’ve been sitting at my computer saying “too cute!” for at least an hour as I edited these! I’ve known Katie and Mark for a few years, but hadn’t met their kiddos until this morning. What a treat, because they were such great models for me and are they not the most photogenic bunch? I think Claire is the spitting image of her Mama and Cole looks a whole lot like his Dad – future heartbreakers, both of ‘em! I cannot thank them enough for braving the chilly weather this morning to get these shots, and I hope you like this selection of my favorite images from our time together!


{ eloise + atticus }

My last session of this lovely day was with Eloise and her baby brother, Atticus! I believe Atticus may have been a twinkle in Carolyn’s eye the last time I photographed these guys at this very location, so we’ve come full circle! As always, Eloise reminded me that I really need to get in better shape – don’t ever fool yourself into thinking you can wear out a toddler. It cannot be done. I photograph dozens every year and they never slow down! Eloise is so darn adorable and full of personality that it’s hard to fault her for all that energy – you gotta love those gorgeous curls and that big smile! Atticus, on the other hand, I think he’s taking in the whirlwind around him without much worry. He was just content to be held, cooing and grinning for us when we said his name. Ahh, the life of a 5 month old… ’tis a wonderful thing:)


Isabel - You got some good ones. Mommy and daddy looked a little worn out by the time we arrived on the scene! But it doesn’t show!

{ charlotte }

What a lovely morning I had with this sweet family! Even with the sniffles, we still got plenty of big smiles out of Miss Charlotte – aren’t they a good looking crew? I had hoped to get them onto my schedule last year, but was already booked up when Jeanne Marie contacted me, so this session was a long time coming! So glad we finally got to meet, and they were such easy-going folks that I probably would had kept clicking away if I didn’t have another family to meet this afternoon. We’ve reached that time of year where every park in Dallas is swarmed by photographers, so there was a lot of  jockeying for position at the best spots. I’m not afraid to throw some elbows… but luckily it didn’t come to that:)Hope you enjoy this sneak peek!


Jeanne Marie - These are so great! We had so much fun this morning! Thank you for posting these and for such a fun session – we really enjoyed it!!

{ george }

At last, an honest-to-goodness FALL morning session today down in the Bishop Arts district with Paul, Julie and little George! It is so nice to not sweat through a shoot for the first time in months:)Sundays are pretty quiet around there if you can beat the brunch crowds, so we took our time walking around the block, stopping to take photos here and there. George was very intrigued by all the sights and sounds of the neighborhood, from the ceiling fans at Enos, to passing cars, to odds and ends he found on the sidewalk – it’s a great big world out their when you’re 14 months old! But with the help of our trusty pal, Sophie (if you have kids, you know of the magical Sophie) we managed to capture his attention for a few moments every now and then. Hope you enjoy this sneak peek of George and his lovely family!


{ reece + wells }

I don’t think I’ve ever shot in such strangely beautiful lighting as we had this morning – it looked like something you’d find on a movie set! It cooled off a bit overnight (no complaints here!) so I’m guessing that’s why there was a layer of hazy fog over the park. The result was the dreamy pictures you see below. I kind of love it! The last time I saw these guys, Wells was just a few months old. As you can see, now he’s standing all by himself and will be a year old in December. Reece is just as darling as she was the last time I photographed her, and tells me she’ll be dressing up as a kitty cat (with a tutu) for Halloween – I have no doubt she’ll be the cutest cat on the block! Both of them have just the sweetest smiles – hope you enjoy this peek at a few of my favorite shots!