{ kirby family }

I am certain I must sound like a broken record, but I truly do look forward to seeing these smiling faces each year for family photos! We always have a great time, and today was no exception. It was an absolutely gorgeous weekend in North Texas with blue skies and temps that swung from a hard freeze this morning up to the 50s by the afternoon. Not surprisingly, there were lots of folks out and about in Bishop Arts today, enjoying what I suspect is probably our last really lovely weekend for awhile. Live music on the corner of Bishop and 7th, families out for an afternoon stroll, the smell of Lockhart’s BBQ wafting through the air – couldn’t have asked for a more perfect afternoon! Well, ok, a few less people walking through my shots would have been nice, but you can’t blame everyone for taking advantage of this weather! It has been so fun (and surreal) to watch Ayla, Porter, and Stratton grow into tiny humans with their own unique personalities – I’ve seen all of them from diapers through to missing front teeth! I’m terrified of the day when they decide taking pictures with me is lame-o, but for now, I’m delighted that they still give me almost 2 hours to capture their sweet faces without much protest :) Nice work, Mom & Dad!


{ charlotte + caroline }

Mother Nature did her best to deter us this weekend, but I still managed to get a few sessions in despite the near constant drizzle! I am lucky to have awesome families like these guys who aren’t afraid of a few raindrops! The canopy of trees actually provided nice coverage for us, so we were able to get the whole session done before it really started coming down. Even though Caroline had not yet arrived the last time we did their family portraits, I’ve actually taken their photos twice since then – once for her baptism, and again a few weekends ago for big sister Caroline’s birthday party! Always a pleasure to photograph these guys, and I’m so honored to have documented so many special moments in their lives. I hope you enjoy this sneak peek!

{ avery + kendall }

Well Mother Nature certainly threw us a curveball this weekend with torrential rain and flooding after what felt like months of perfectly pleasant weather! All of my Saturday sessions had to be rescheduled, as well as this morning’s mini session, but by some miracle I managed to get one in between raindrops! It was the perfect day to be at the Arboretum because the crowds were fairly light and we had no harsh light which meant nowhere was off limits for shooting! Avery and Kendall are always such a pleasure to photograph (as are their lovely parents) and today was no exception. I look forward to catching up with them every year, and realized today that I’ve been taking their family photos since Avery was an only child – my, have the years flown by! I hope you enjoy this sneak peek!

{ riya + zahin + zubin }

I’m not sure if we ever get a true “Fall” here in Dallas, but this time of year where it begins to transition from oppressive heat to pleasant warmth is just the best! We had a nice breeze and plenty of warm sun for this delightful family photoshoot as we dodged joggers, walkers, and cyclists who were all out soaking up this weather! These guys were an absolute treat to photograph – Riya, Zahin, and Zubin could not be cuter if they tried! Those smiles and Zubin’s curls, oh goodness – I was smitten:)Hope you enjoy this sneak peek of their beautiful family!


{ drew + will }

The last time you saw this family, there were only 3… check out that cute new addition! Like big brother Will, Drew came to them through the miracle of adoption, only this time around, the universe saw fit to fast-track his arrival! Surprise! And then there were 4! I still remember getting the email with a picture of Jodie and Spencer holding a baby and doing a double take as I read and re-read Jodie’s note, trying to wrap my brain around the fact that this was all happening (as I’m sure they experienced x100 when they got *the* call)! It took some time to get them all back home to Texas, but they are finally settling in and taking all the non-stop activity that comes with a new baby – and an almost one year old – in great stride. Drew is now a little over 4 weeks old, so he’s beyond the window for a traditional newborn session but we still managed to get a few sweet photos of him wrapped in the blanket that belonged to Jodie when she was little! He has porcelain skin and what looks like will be blonde hair – such a cutie. Trying to orchestrate a brother photo involved some skillful maneuvering, but I loved how the more candid shots of Will just checking out Drew turned out! Speaking of, Will now has a head full of beautiful curls and a bubbly personality to match! Today he was full of giggles and squeals, I assume because I’m SO MUCH FUN! A girl can dream. Meanwhile Wrigley the dog probably wonders if these new humans have mute buttons by the sound of her groans and sighs – we still love ya, Wrigs! It was a pleasure spending time with these guys and I could not be more thrilled for them. Welcome, Drew! You are so loved!