{ avery and kendall }

I’ve been photographing these ridiculously good-looking folks for several years and they just continue to make me smile! Avery is a total ham and keeps me in stitches with her running commentary and gregarious personality. We’ve decided she’s going to come work for me because she’s so good at coming up with poses, so be on the lookout, future clients:)They’ve always come down to Dallas in years past, so I figured it was only fair that I make the drive this year to their neck of the woods – so glad I did, because I loved the change of scenery! We rode around their beautiful neighborhood this morning and picked a few spots to jump out and do a little mini-shoot before moving on to the next location. It was a beautiful day, almost TOO sunny (only a photographer would say that) but absolutely lovely all the same. Enjoy a few images from our morning together!


{ kendall )

Such a pleasure to share this fun sneak peek from this morning of my sweet coworker and her lovely family! It is very rare that my work and personal lives intersect, but Courtney and I realized we had a few friends in common when we found ourselves seated in cubicles next to one another a few months ago (Dallas is so big, yet so small!), and I could not be more thrilled to be able to capture a few family photos for them! Not only are we cube-neighbors, but real life neighbors, so we met up this morning at a local park where we soaked up a perfectly cool clear morning in Dallas. I could get used to this weather! Kendall mentioned she had an idea about a picture of her twirling, and I knew it would be smooth sailing, as that was on my shot list! So reassuring when your model is in sync with your silly suggestions! Here are are few frames from our time together this morning! Thanks Courtney, Jon and Kendall for hanging out with me today!1_pog2_pog3_pog4_pog5_pog6_pog7_pog8_pog9_pog10_pog


{ sam }

Meet Sam! Sammy. Sam-o. Samothy. No matter the moniker you choose, he’s pretty stinkin’ cute! I am SO glad this session worked out, because the weather was certainly not on our side. Even though we were indoors, the rainy skies have been in full effect the past 48 hours here in San Antonio. But no amount of dreariness outdoors could dampen the cuteness overload going on inside! I must preface this by explaining that when I first moved to Dallas, Juanita (and her roommate, Katie) were my next door neighbors. My roommate and I were so excited to have fun girls our own age living next to us, and it didn’t take long for us to become friends. I can actually trace the majority of my current friend network back to this very happy coincidence. Without Juanita and Katie, I never would have met the people who have become my closest friends here – many of whom you’ve seen on this blog! Anyway, much like our friends Jodie and Spencer, Juanita and John became parents of this beautiful boy by way of adoption. While they were (unbeknownst to them) babymooning in Cabo, little Sam was making his grand entrance, just a few beats away from their lives. Within a very short time after they came home, they discovered that Sam would be theirs, and so their journey began! Can’t think of a nicer way to start down the road to parenthood than by the sparkling blue waters of the Pacific. And speaking of sparkling blues, how about Sam’s gorgeous eyes! He has an absolutely fantastic head of soft dark hair to go with those baby blues, and some yummy pinchable cheeks! He’s just as sweet as can be, and I’m so honored that they asked me to capture these first official family portraits – we even got pups Lucy and Kirby in on the fun! Welcome to the world, Sam!


{ happy anniversary, mom and dad! }

My parents are celebrating their Ruby anniversary today, so I thought I’d embarrass them with a then/now photo to commemorate their 40 years of marriage! They’ve logged a lot of miles, from the east coast all the way to the Lone Star state, with many adventures along the way. Kids, grandkids, world travel, great friends, a lot of laughter, a few tears, and a million little life moments along the way. As I told them a few weeks ago, I’m grateful every single day that they are mine and I am theirs. Love you, Mom and Dad. Here’s to 40 years, and many many more!


{ now booking fall sessions! }

The cicadas are still buzzing the temps are still sizzling, but it’s TIME for Fall Sessions! I shot here and there throughout the Summer, but I spent most of my time working on the technical side of my photography, perfecting my editing skills and really honing my style. If you scroll through my last few sessions, I think (I hope!) you’ll see the improvement.

Fall sessions are just the same as last year: they’ll run anywhere from 1.5 – 2 hours, you’ll get around 30 edited images on a disk or flash drive, a free 16×24 canvas (my most popular size), and of course, a same day sneak peek to tide you over while I edit! Pricing is still $500, and you’re welcome to pay half at booking and half the day of, or the entire session fee the day of our session – whatever works best for your budget.

As always, October is the most popular month and it’s already filling up. I will be out of town October 9-12 and the morning slots for the weekend of October 25-26 are already booked as well as the morning of November 1.

HOUSTON FOLKS! I will be in your neck of the woods for Thanksgiving and will happily set aside a day for shooting if there is interest! Please contact me for details at clared@gmail.com

BIRMINGHAM FOLKS! There’s a good chance I’ll be in your neck of the woods between Christmas and New Years. Not in time for holiday cards, but if you’re like me and love a good New Year’s card (pro tip: all the holiday cards will be gone and you’ll get primo position on the fridge), then keep an eye on my Facebook page for more details as I hammer out my schedule.