{ reece + wells }

I don’t think I’ve ever shot in such strangely beautiful lighting as we had this morning – it looked like something you’d find on a movie set! It cooled off a bit overnight (no complaints here!) so I’m guessing that’s why there was a layer of hazy fog over the park. The result was the dreamy pictures you see below. I kind of love it! The last time I saw these guys, Wells was just a few months old. As you can see, now he’s standing all by himself and will be a year old in December. Reece is just as darling as she was the last time I photographed her, and tells me she’ll be dressing up as a kitty cat (with a tutu) for Halloween – I have no doubt she’ll be the cutest cat on the block! Both of them have just the sweetest smiles – hope you enjoy this peek at a few of my favorite shots!


{ charlie }

Wonder why I love shooting at sunset? Look at this gorgeous light! So happy Taylor and Marc were able to meet up this evening for a fun photo session! We fed ducks, walked Lillie the dog, picked up acorns, attempted to climb trees and oh, sweat just a little bit:)I feel terrible that my Fall season is almost half over and it’s still 90 degrees outside. Someday it will cool off, but for now we’re just dressing warmish to will the cooler weather to appear! Since the last time I saw Charlie, he’s turned 2 years old (how?!) and is now talking up a storm. Although I’m only versed in my nephew’s toddler-speak, I’m a quick study and think I caught the gist of his conversations. Charlie has a lot to say and more energy in his pinky toe than I have in my whole body, so I suspect we’ll all sleep well tonight after our big evening together! Hope you like this sneak peek!


{ celebrating 90 years }

Back in August, Lisa asked if I’d be interested in photographing a big family portrait for her Grandmother’s 90th birthday. 90 years is an incredible milestone, and boy does she ever make it look good! I realized after I got home that I never asked her what was the secret to such a long and wonderful life – but, I suppose the recipe is different for everyone. One thing I suspect that keeps her looking spry is this beautiful family! Big smiles, lots of laughter and plenty of love – all ingredients for a great life, don’t you think? What an honor it was to capture this special time for their families who came from near and far to celebrate (apologies for our sweltering “Fall” weather)! They were a pleasure to photograph and made my job easy. Hope you guys enjoy a few photos from our morning together!


{ avery and kendall }

I’ve been photographing these ridiculously good-looking folks for several years and they just continue to make me smile! Avery is a total ham and keeps me in stitches with her running commentary and gregarious personality. We’ve decided she’s going to come work for me because she’s so good at coming up with poses, so be on the lookout, future clients:)They’ve always come down to Dallas in years past, so I figured it was only fair that I make the drive this year to their neck of the woods – so glad I did, because I loved the change of scenery! We rode around their beautiful neighborhood this morning and picked a few spots to jump out and do a little mini-shoot before moving on to the next location. It was a beautiful day, almost TOO sunny (only a photographer would say that) but absolutely lovely all the same. Enjoy a few images from our morning together!


{ kendall )

Such a pleasure to share this fun sneak peek from this morning of my sweet coworker and her lovely family! It is very rare that my work and personal lives intersect, but Courtney and I realized we had a few friends in common when we found ourselves seated in cubicles next to one another a few months ago (Dallas is so big, yet so small!), and I could not be more thrilled to be able to capture a few family photos for them! Not only are we cube-neighbors, but real life neighbors, so we met up this morning at a local park where we soaked up a perfectly cool clear morning in Dallas. I could get used to this weather! Kendall mentioned she had an idea about a picture of her twirling, and I knew it would be smooth sailing, as that was on my shot list! So reassuring when your model is in sync with your silly suggestions! Here are are few frames from our time together this morning! Thanks Courtney, Jon and Kendall for hanging out with me today!1_pog2_pog3_pog4_pog5_pog6_pog7_pog8_pog9_pog10_pog