{ annie & blake }

This weekend while I was at the lake I had a mini-session with some dear friends’ children, Annie and Blake. These sessions are always so special for me, having known Mom and Dad long before either of these cuties was a twinkle in their eye! We had a couple of things working against us this morning, aside from the general lack of sleep (speaking mainly about the photographer, here) and over-stimulation that comes with 3 days in a house full o’ kids (there were┬ánine children staying with us). That’s a lot of excitement! But mostly I wasn’t prepared for how windy and humid it would be outside – the moment I pulled out the camera on the first day, my lens fogged up. It was a real challenge trying to keep it clear, but as it turns out the foggy photos actually made for nice black & white conversions. Silver linings, yes?

In any case, Annie and Blake are just the cutest little pumpkins ever and I can’t wait for a weekend when we can have a full session! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy a few of my picks from our weekend below:







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