{ gavin & thomas }

After many many delays, I’m thrilled that this session with Gavin and Thomas finally happened last week while I was back in Birmingham!

I was born and raised in Mobile, but we moved to Birmingham when I was a freshman in high school. It was my very first day in a new school  - a public school, mind you. I’d worn a school uniform my entire life and the stress alone of trying to pick a cool outfit was almost unbearable!  It may surprise people who know me now, but I was very shy back in the day and was absolutely terrified about starting high school, nevermind high school in a completely different city without my friends of the past 8 years. Trish was the first person who talked to me in my first class – Spanish 101, una clase que me sirven en los próximos años, obviamente. The universe must have known I’d end up in Texas. Anyway, Trish (or Amelia, as she was known in Spanish class – I was Luisa!) immediately put me at ease, welcoming me to MBHS, giving me the low-down on cool people, cute boys, lockers, switching classes, and where the lunchroom was – you know, crucial stuff when you’re the new girl! It was just what I needed to ease my nerves. As luck would have it, we’d run into each other again later that day in Biology, and we were pretty much inseparable from that day on.

Fast forward four years and we parted ways for college. I was off to Memphis where I was attending Rhodes College while she was headed south to Auburn (it is worth noting that she comes from a Bama family and married an Auburn man which will mean nothing to you unless you are from Alabama, but IT MATTERS, people!). It was a hard goodbye, but we visited each other often throughout those 4 years. I was always jealous of the big college experience she had – football games, tailgates, huge parties – so it was fun to live vicariously through her if only for a few days at a time! The years flew by and we graduated in 1999. I ended up moving to Dallas a year later and she was back in Birmingham, but we still managed to keep in touch. I was the Maid of Honor in her wedding to Brax, and a few years later, I was back in Birmingham holding their first child, Gavin. “Oh my gosh you have a BABY!” Do you remember how completely crazy it was when your friends started to have kids? Totally surreal. We were both big time babysitters in our neighborhoods, but now she was a real Mom! Holy schneikes! Weddings, babies, jobs; so much changed over the years, but we always managed to pick up right where we left off no matter the distance or time passed. I was just getting into my photography business back then, so my photos of baby Gavin weren’t all that great, but it was really important to me that I took those photos for my friend. And now here we are a few years down the road. She and Brax had another son, Thomas, six months ago. My photography has improved considerably since then. Thank goodness. Because that Gavin is a firecracker, and I had to call upon every trick in the book to capture that child on [digital] film! He is all boy. B-O-Y, through and through. Just a blur of giggling boy running past me. I think he’s holding at least 4 different pieces of sporting equipment in the photos I took that day! He is the spitting image of his Dad (sorry I missed you, Brax – next time!), but I think I see more of Trish in little Thomas. Poor sweet Thomas was not having a good day, so even though this was really his time to shine for his 6 month photos and baptism, Gavin was the star of this session! I told Trish that was all the more reason for me to come back soon to get more photos! I could go on and on here, waxing nostalgic, but I think I’ll just wrap this up and get to the photos! These were taken at her Mom and Dad’s house, so the grandparents got a few cameos – aren’t they the cutest?!



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