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I’ve been working with Benjamin Calais on some product photography for their website and marketing materials which has been a really fun change of pace from kids. I like to think that alcohol is more in my wheelhouse, seeing as how I’m Irish and everything, but product photography is a relatively new thing for me so I’m learning as I go. On the plus side, wine bottles don’t run away or cry or take naps … although drinking wine may cause you to do those things! Last week I did some straight product shots of his wine bottles on white backgrounds but today I went down to the winery to get more “on the scene” photos. Here are a few with the following caveat: one thing I discovered is that you can see EVERYTHING in the reflections of the bottles and the windows because of the flash and the sunshine, so I’ll likely do more touch ups on these before I declare them done, but I just wanted to share a few this evening!

Please do yourself a favor and visit Calais Winery in Deep Ellum! The wines are absolutely wonderful and made right here in Dallas using traditional French techniques.








Tara - Oh Clare, I LOVE the first one. The reflection in the glass is awesome!

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