{ lauren + harris }

These are some of my most favorite humans (who are happily, also my friends) and it has been my absolute honor to take their photos for EIGHT years! Can you believe that?? For Christmas, Jeff put together a beautiful album featuring the “best of” photos from all our shoots as a surprise for Natalie, and it wasn’t until the moment we were putting it all together that I realized just how much of their lives I’d documented. Thirteen sessions, if I remember correctly. 2 babies, 2 homes, new jobs, many Friday nights at Mi Cocina…we blinked and nearly a decade flew by. And now these little ones are not so little anymore! Lauren and Harris are getting to the age where sitting for photos is probably not number 1 (or 2 or 3) on their list of fun things to do on a Saturday morning. And they may or may not be prone to being silly gooses instead of posing like sweet cherubs as they did when they couldn’t easily toddle away from my camera, but I always manage to catch a few quiet moments in between the giggles! The truth is, though, those belly laughs and silly expressions – that’s exactly who they are. Never boring, full of life and wonder, genuine to the core, and the true joys of their Mom and Dad’s lives! Thank you guys for letting me capture it all throughout the years!

PS – Scroll through to the end to see the coolest photobombers ever:)


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