{ lauren + harris }

These are some of my most favorite humans (who are happily, also my friends) and it has been my absolute honor to take their photos for EIGHT years! Can you believe that?? For Christmas, Jeff put together a beautiful album featuring the “best of” photos from all our shoots as a surprise for Natalie, and it wasn’t until the moment we were putting it all together that I realized just how much of their lives I’d documented. Thirteen sessions, if I remember correctly. 2 babies, 2 homes, new jobs, many Friday nights at Mi Cocina…we blinked and nearly a decade flew by. And now these little ones are not so little anymore! Lauren and Harris are getting to the age where sitting for photos is probably not number 1 (or 2 or 3) on their list of fun things to do on a Saturday morning. And they may or may not be prone to being silly gooses instead of posing like sweet cherubs as they did when they couldn’t easily toddle away from my camera, but I always manage to catch a few quiet moments in between the giggles! The truth is, though, those belly laughs and silly expressions – that’s exactly who they are. Never boring, full of life and wonder, genuine to the core, and the true joys of their Mom and Dad’s lives! Thank you guys for letting me capture it all throughout the years!

PS – Scroll through to the end to see the coolest photobombers ever:)


{ avery + kendall }

I look forward to seeing these smiling faces every year! Always a delight, always open to my random location suggestions – and didn’t even flinch when a passer-by mentioned she’d seen a few copperheads! AH! Don’t worry, no slithery photo bombers joined us that day (thank goodness)! But this really was one of my favorite shoots of the season. The light was just perfect. I don’t think I could have ordered up a prettier sunset. Avery and Kendall never fail to light up the frame with their personalities and sweet smiles, and our time together seems to fly by! They’re such natural models, but I think they got that from Mom and Dad! What an honor it has been to document these guys over the years; beautiful family, inside and out!


{ reece + wells + rhodes }

The last time I photographed this lovely lot, they were just a family of four! Rhodes is their newest addition and is as sweet as he can be. That gummy smile and those blue eyes just make your heart melt! I was looking back at our first session when Wells was a baby and realized Rhodes really favors his older brother! Ah, they’re all pretty darn cute:)

This was such a crazy morning back in early November; the White Rock Marathon was that day and they had just (within 24-48 hours of this shoot) moved into their brand new home which is very near the race course. I was worried with the road closures that I wouldn’t be able to get there, but it all worked out perfectly. There was a huge storm rolling in (which ended up raining out my afternoon session that day) so not only did we have nice soft light that day, but it also ended up being cool for the first time in weeks which was such a nice change after weeks of sweltering heat. And Kyle’s Mom was also in town so we were able to get a few photos of her with her grandchildren! Since their home gets such great light, I was able to do a fair amount of shooting indoors, so we split our time between inside and outside to get these fun shots!


{ j + n families }

Check out this sneak peek of a fun extended family session – you’d never guess there were fireworks, Nerf rockets, dogs, kites, and just about any other distraction you could imagine going on in the background!! Ha! Turns out the whole neighborhood wanted to join us for this photo shoot, but we didn’t let it bother us … much 😉 You may recognize those handsome boys on the right from previous blog posts – they’re so grown up now! And such a treat to meet their Aunt, Uncle, and cousins!


{ lily & isla }

It’s such a treat to document this happy crew every year! Last year it rained on us, so I think Mother Nature decided to make amends by dialing up the perfect evening with a gorgeous glowing sunset for our backdrop. We even brought back the inflatable Love Ball which was sadly covered in wet grass and mud last year for another round of fun – such a cool prop! And I’m not kidding when I tell you that I ordered that book below for myself as soon as I got home based on the girls’ description. I’ll have to follow up with my review:)

What a pleasure it has been to watch Lily and Isla grow from tiny toddlers into such thoughtful young ladies. No doubt a result of A+ parenting from Greg and Mary Beth. They are kind, creative, and a joy to photograph!